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Media Outreach


18 Oct    "NIE colleagues participate in the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2019"  (News: NIE) 

16 Sep    "Big on Bilingualism in the Early Years"  (News: NIE) 

08 Sep    "MTL learning and social-emotional wellbeing"  (TV: Channel News Asia; Channel 5; starting from 2'39)

09 Jun    "How can we encourage bilingualism in children?"  (TV: Channel News Asia; Channel 5) 

04 Jun    "Exposure at home key to kids picking up mother tongue (Newspaper: Straits Times)

04 Jun     "Animated ebooks can help lift language skills: Study"  (Newspaper: Straits Times) 

04 Jun     "家中营造听讲读环境更有利幼童学母语 (Newspaper: Lian He Zao Bao) 


08 Dec   "Dr He Sun Published a Paper in Applied Psycholinguistics"  (News: NIE) 

08 Apr   "学龄前儿童外语学习的效果和什么因素相关? (News: Sohu Internet)

27 Sep    "SLRF 2016: A Documentary"  (Documentary: SLRF) 


30 Oct   "Hoe vroeg kun je met Engels beginnen? (How early should your child start to learn English?)"

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